Sea & River Vessel Monitoring

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Fuel consumption monitoring and GPS location tracking of sea or river vessels (ships, boats, dredges) allows shipowners and ship operators to reduce operation costs by minimizing idling time of fleet, preventing fuel theft and improving crew discipline.

Task of Sea & River Vessel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

Using our River vessels monitoring solution end user can easily prevent fuel theft behind the user this will help to reduce their fuel cost and maximize revenue.

Tank Refueling Monitoring

Our River vessels monitoring solution comes with tank refueling monitoring with installation of fuel sensor inside the fuel tank.

Engine Diagnostics

Our River vessels monitoring solution comes with Engine Diagnostics that help to reduce any future unnecessary maintenance cost.

Route & Location Tracking

Location tracking is key feature of Bayyinah Technologies River Vessels Solution that help to track and locate vessels location in real time.

Preventing Fuel Theft

As rise in fuel price increasing day by day our solution help our user to prevent fuel theft behind their back and increase their revenue .

Easy Installation

Our River Vessel monitoring solution is easy to install with our expert technician that will install and show live demo after installation.

Technoton’s telematics system for sea and river watercrafts is based on accurate tools for fuel consumption measurement – DFM and DFM Marine fuel flow meters that are mounted in fuel line of main engine, auxiliary engines, diesel generators and boilers/heaters. It can also include DUT-E fuel level sensors, which are installed in fuel tanks, and MasterCAN DAC i/o modules for gathering signals from standard analog sensors of a ship/boat.

Features of Sea & River Vessel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

Using our solution our end user will be able to monitor fuel level in tank. Fuel consumption on per hour basis and fuel fuel consumption in “Idling” “Optimal” and “Overload” mode of engine operation. Total fuel consumption in “Negative” mode of flow meter operation (return exceeds supply).

Operation Monitoring

Using our solution our end user will be able Moment hours (operating time) also able to monitor total operating time in “Idling”, “Optimal” and “Overload” engine operation mode. end user also be able to monitor coolant temperature, engine oil pressure. user will also be able to current engine operation mode as per fuel consumption rate. operating time of Supply and Return chambers in each mode of engine operation.

Vessel telematics system provide precise information on vessel’s position, real fuel consumption, engine operation hours in different work modes (idle, optimal, overload), possible fuel draining from tank and other necessary operation parameters. Information is gathered and analyzed by CANUp telematics gateway and sent to the web-based ORF4 telematics service, where it can be displayed on virtual dashboard and as tables and charts.