Portable Li-ion Battery

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The Bayyinah Technologies 30Ah portable battery pack is a compact, safe and economical lithium-ion battery pack. This standalone battery pack was designed for electric scooters, with high-power NMC lithium-ion cells. No additional equipment is needed for the safe operation of this battery pack. In extreme operating conditions, the integrated BMS disconnects the battery from the system. This ensures safe operation and protects the battery pack against short circuits, over-charge, over discharge, over current, over temperature and under temperature events.

Features of Li-ion Battery

Highest Safety Standard

The Bayyinah Technologies 72V 30Ah portable battery Designed to the highest automotive standards with Integration of autonomous BMS ensures 24/7 Battery performance and safety. It provides protection against Short circuit, Cell Over Voltage, Cell Under Voltage, Charge Over Current, discharge over current, over and under temperature.

High Performance

The Bayyinah Technologies 72V 30Ah portable battery provides High-power 3C NMC lithium-ion cells with 25mOhm IR. it comes with 60 A (Max @ STC) Continuous discharge current with 40 A (Max @ STC) Continuous charge current. it comes with  Extremely low power dissipation (Shelf-life of more than 5 years) and upto 85 mA passive cell balancing.

Highly Convenient

The Bayyinah Technologies 72V 30Ah portable battery Perfect alternative to Lead Acid Batteries. it comes with Standard 3 - Pin I/P & Anderson plug power O/P. life of battery is 3 to 5 years and comes with 3 years limited warranty. it has Short/Fast Charging times. it is Portable and lightweight, less than 20 kg (20lb). it comes with IP54 watertight enclosure and Compatible with regenerative braking systems.

The integrated BMS passively balances the charge between all cells in the battery pack. Energy is discharged from the cells with the highest charge in the pack, which maximizes the runtime of the battery pack and extends its life. This lithium-ion battery pack is maintenance free, and has a longer run time with a shorter recovery time than equivalent lead acid battery packs. It weighs 70% less and takes up 60% less space than equivalent lead acid battery packs, providing increased range and product compatibility.