Garbage Truck Monitoring

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Some of the main difficulties in waste management are illegal dumping of solid household waste (SHW) in forbidden places (away from landfill) and inefficient collection and transportation of garbage.That’s why first and foremost, garbage truck monitoring system is focused on truck location tracking and monitoring of operation of its attached equipment (blade, plate, etc).

Task of Garbage Truck Monitoring

Tracking Places

With Bayyinah Technologies Garbage truck monitoring solution you will get real time location of your garbage truck where ever it goes . it will helps to increase efficiency & time management planning of your Garbage collection operation.

Truck Body Filling

With installation of sensor in truck body driver can easily know the filling capacity of garbage truck and can decide when to unload it for further filling .This will help to increase the efficiency of garbage collection operation.

Detection of unloading

Garbage truck Solution comes with monitoring of unloading once the garbage truck unloaded SMS alert will be send on predefined phone number. It will help to monitor efficiency of your operation

Garbage truck monitoring system allows to monitor garbage level in truck’s body, track places of SHW (waste) loading and unloading using axle load data and GPS coordinates, also helps to detect and prevent any attempts of unauthorized unloading of garbage.

Features of Garbage Truck Monitoring

Resource Optimization

Tracking your garbage trucks ensures your waste management company can provide superior, reliable service, resulting in happier customers and improved efficiency. Bayyinah Technologies Garbage Truck monitoring solution will help you to optimize your resource planning so your entire resource pool is utilized on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It will help you to ensures that the revenue is utilized to maximum effect and balance the workload.

Tracking Progress

With your own custom tracking system for waste management companies from Track Your Truck, you will know where your garbage trucks are in real time, how fast they are going, and what traffic delays they may face. With a historical record of your garbage truck activities, you can eliminate inefficient trends. This critical information allows you to deliver the type of service that your customers demand. If you are looking to improve your efficiency and customer service in an affordable and proven way, you need waste management fleet tracking.

Live Tracking

GPS Tracking Devices for Garbage Trucks Track Your Truck offers all of these benefits, and more. With one of our systems, you will be able to Easily dispatch a new garbage truck when one is broken down. you can Improve routing to eliminate wasted time and fuel. You will be able to Ensure that drivers are held accountable for their whereabouts while on the job. You can handle customer disputes with historical or real-time information about vehicle locations. You can Keep customers satisfied with prompt service and safe driving habits. you will be able to send specialty vehicles to the right locations for large-item pickups.

Predictive Maintenance

Our waste management fleet tracking is designed to meet the unique needs of waste management companies. Our solution helps our customer to know predective manintance of vehicle to avoid over maintenance cost in future.

Waste truck telematics system records main parameters of truck operation – route, speed, RPM, fuel consumption, engine health. The data is used for detecting inefficient or even malicious truck operation, e.g. underload, idling, speeding, harsh braking, fuel theft etc.