Fuel Monitoring

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Fuel costs can amount up to 30% of all fleet management expenses, therefore affecting operating costs and company’s profit in general. Among the major fuel related challenges experts define: Bayyinah Technologies GPS tracking and telematics platform can help you cope with the major challenges related to fuel monitoring and management in the most user-friendly way.

Task of Fuel Monitoring Solution

Robust GPS Tracking

Track individual drivers by measuring their driving pattern exceptions such as over-speeding, idling etc. Tracking an individual driver helps in customizing the dedicated training program to ensure safe driving environment.

Bayyinah Technologies Cloud

Maintenance optimization help to minimize the downtime while providing the most effective use of systems in order to secure the desired results at the lowest possible costs, considering all possible constraints.

Useful graphs

Bayyinah Technologies Bus Monitoring Solution help to measure load of passenger inside the bus so that it will help to know the owner weather driver violating the Government law for overloading the passenger vehicle or any traffic law.

Truck telematics solution by Bayyinah Technologies is aimed on monitoring cargo status and performance of a freight truck and helps to improve fleet management system of a business. Truck telematics helps to reduce expenses on vehicle maintenance by using predictive maintenance approach – i.e. carrying out truck maintenance depending on real operation modes of engine, replacing fuel filters, tires and other consumable items when they are really actually worn out, rather than using schedule-based approach.

How our Fuel Monitoring Works

Fuel Calibration

Fuel tank calibration is essential in order to create an accurate fuel chart for each vehicle. A well-trained Bayyinah Technologies technician who is versed in the correct safety procedures will be dispatched to perform the fuel tank calibration.

Tracking and Training

While graph monitoring can appear to be an intimidating prospect, you will find that it is simple to understand and interpret these graphs thanks to regular in-house and on-site training for users.

Fill Parameters

All parameters are entered into the Bayyinah Technologies's fleet system allowing you to view the completed fuel chart. As you learn more and better understand the fuel tank and fuel consumption parameters, your fuel chart will reflect more accurate records.