Bus Monitoring System

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Bayyinah Technologies Bus monitoring system includes monitoring of technical condition of fleet, tracking real route of buses, monitoring driving behavior, additionally, the system allows to plan maintenance based on actual condition of the equipment. Bayyinah Technologies Monitoring system for bus can significantly reduce fuel costs and operating costs by optimizing routes, preventing downtime and minimizing draining of precious fuel. Monitoring system is suitable for city transport, inter-city buses, school buses, shuttle buses, airport buses etc.

Task of Bus Monitoring

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Track individual drivers by measuring their driving pattern exceptions such as over-speeding, idling etc. Tracking an individual driver helps in customizing the dedicated training program to ensure safe driving environment.

Maintenance optimization

Maintenance optimization help to minimize the downtime while providing the most effective use of systems in order to secure the desired results at the lowest possible costs, considering all possible constraints.

Load measurement

Bayyinah Technologies Bus Monitoring Solution help to measure load of passenger inside the bus so that it will help to know the owner weather driver violating the Government law for overloading the passenger vehicle or any traffic law.

Precise fuel monitoring

Fuel monitoring solution is designed for precision fuel level analysis in all kinds of vehicle tanks, also in tanks of fixed connections. It helps to interchange the standard fuel meter of a vehicle in order to detect and prevent fuel theft.

Geo-fencing Alerts

Geofencing is a service that triggers an action when a device enters a set location. Coupons, notifications, engagement features, security alerts — businesses are finding creative ways to make use of these virtual boundaries.

Easy Installation

Bayyinah Technologies Bus Monitoring Solution is easy to install and setup. You will get all essential support from Bayyinah Technologies from installation to live tracking. using Bayyinah Technologies GPS solution is very simple and also cost effective.

Features of Bus Monitoring

Fuel Calibration

Using Bayyinah Technologies Bus Monitoring Solution you will be ale to measure Precise measurement of remaining fuel in tank and fuel consumption, sending data to dashboard. This would be helpful to know actual mileage of bus or your Bus driver doing any misleading activity behind you. Bayyinah Technologies Bus monitoring Solution helped many customer in India and Abroad to reduce their operating cost and maximize their revenue.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is defined as when an individual's driving falls below the expected level of a careful and competent driver. Examples of dangerous driving would include racing or aggressive driving, driving while tired, or being involved in a police chase. using Bayyinah Technologies Bus Monitoring Solution you will be able to monitor the behavior of your Bus driver weather your driver following proper traffic rules or not.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance techniques are designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance, because tasks are performed only when warranted. Bayyinah Technologies Bus Monitoring Solution helps to reduce your maintenance cost and help to maximise your profit with its maintenance alert.

Operation Monitoring

Using Bayyinah Technologies Bus Monitoring Solution you can track and optimize overall operation time of your Bus. You can use intelligent route replay. You can use Geo fencing feature which will alert you if Bus cross fencing area decided by you. You can use Location Geo-tagging to tag place co-ordinates (latitude and longitude), bearings, altitude, distances, or even place names. The best part of is you will get real time over speeding alert if your bus driver cross standard speed limit.