AIS 140 GPS Tracker

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Tracking of multiple school bus, truck or cab’s driver activity, fuel tracking, and speed tracking is a most complicated work for school admin staff and transport manager. Bayyinah Technologies GPS make your work simple by using AIS 140 GPS tracker for the school bus with RFID Attendance System. Our RFID attendance system sends auto SMS notification to parents as well as school admin staff.

What is AIS 140 GPS Tracker

The transport system the government of India as designed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard – AIS 140. The ITS is globally vindicated to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its retention. The AIS 140 GPS helps in flourishing the transportation system in terms of proficiency, attribute, solace, and safety.

AIS 140 is not being accomplished across the country. There are various parts of AIS 140 which encompass the several aspects of vehicle regulation and patronage of safety standards since the elementary aim of designing the system is to augment the vehicle safety there are many subdivisions to the ITS and these include AIS 140 GPS tracker for Truck, Taxi, Ambulance & School bus.

The Benefits of AIS 140 GPS tracker

Simplify operation

AIS 140 GPS tracker lays behind the tutor for the action and systems in many kinds of the public transport network in many ways. Either there any alternatives to be made there is a regulation form for the same too.

Real time tracking system

AIS-140 GPS tracking system is the most valuable aspects automatic location tracking. it work as a tutor it monitors the vehicle, which route has to be taken and helpful to fuel optimization and cost effective and time saving.

Driver Behavior

For maintaining the vehicle’s health it’s very important to to have goo driver. Our tracking solutions help you manage all the driver information of your fleet and also assign drivers and get driver specific reports to your inbox everyday.

Simplify Route Management

It’s very important to maintain the schedule of vehicles. AIS-140 GPS tracking system is very valuable for the identity of a right route in right time. This is done to ensure that the shortest and less fuel path for the vehicle.

Service Management

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is also very helpful to conduction and service management of the total system. This system makes a simple bridge connection between vehicle and service station.

Crew Management

A transport system is nothing without its well-managed crew. The AIS 140 GPS tracker verifies the assertion of crew an in the proper segment of transportation mode and helps to reduce cost.